At Regency no repair is too small or too large and we will look after it for you because we realise your jewellery is precious.

If you have an old heirloom that has a broken catch, bring it in and we can make it like new.

That old watch can be repaired.

We care for your jewellery, whether the value is financial or sentimental.

  • Watch repairs
  • Jewellery repairs
  • Ring resizing
  • Free inspection of claws and settings
  • Jewellery designing and remodelling
  • Rhodium plating
  • Pearl re-threading
  • Valuations
  • Professional cleaning, buffing and polishing



If you have a collection of old or broken gold jewellery that you no longer require, don't sell it and get next to nothing, we can melt it down and make a brand new bangle or ring.