Together the most meaningful purchases you will make in your life are your Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands.  They will stand the tests of time, over & above anything else you will ever purchase during your married life.

We have been in the business of engagements and weddings since 1968 and we would be thrilled to share in your excitement! Our sales professionals are well trained in all aspects of diamonds and the rings they sell and they love showing them, whether you decide to buy or not.


What should I be looking for?

The most important factors to consider when purchasing your engagement ring is the cut. A perfect cut will enhance the other qualities of your diamond, such as colour, clarity and carat weight.

Our buyers travel the world to source loose diamonds and jewellery that keep us in step with global styles and fashions, making sure each of our stores have a beautifully comprehensive collection of diamond rings in a range of styles.  Your diamond engagement ring will be designed and manufactured by some of Australia's best master craftsmen.

If you need a few proposal tips, don’t forget to take a look at more information in our Proposal Blog.


When the happy occasion finally arises we can simplify this busy time for you by also assisting with Gift ideas for your Bridal Party and also helping accessorize your wedding day outfit.

For ideas of what types of jewellery work with different dress necklines you can download our 
info-graphic here.

We look forward to sharing our expertise with you instore.