Proposal Tips - The Ring

TIP #1

It’s always gentlemanly to ask your girlfriend’s father for his blessing. To him she’ll always be his little girl and he’ll want to know that you’ll look after her as well as he does (or even better!)

If there’s no father or their relationship isn’t great then ask the mother for her blessing instead.

TIP #2

A diamond is just a diamond…? Unfortunately not… In the same way a car is not just a car, diamonds have a specification too.
The 4C’s – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat...

TIP #3

Shaping up: Like your beloved, diamonds come in lots of shapes & sizes. You can’t go too wrong with a Brilliant cut (round) as they suit most people but don’t be afraid to choose something different!
Pear & Marquise diamonds tend to be best on those with long slender hands.

TIP #4

A cut above: Whilst some retailers will argue the 4C’s are equally important, the Gemological Institute of America states, “The allure of a particular diamond depends more on cut than anything else.”
Many diamonds tend to be cut to maintain as much as possible from the natural diamond (the carat weight). However the best cut diamonds are ‘ideal cut’ to reflect the most light and create ‘fire’.

TIP #5

Perfection: If you’ve followed us this far, great! We’re now on to looking at the diamond’s Clarity.
Diamond are graded from F (flawless) down to I2 (Inclusions visible with the naked eye).

TIP #6

Colour me pretty: There has been a rise in the popularity of coloured diamonds, from pink to yellow to cognac. However on the traditional (white) scale, D is a colourless diamond (and therefore perceived as the best) and Z being the most yellow on this scale.

TIP #7

When it comes to Carat , the ‘golden benchmark’ seems to be 1ct, but bigger isn’t always better if it means sacrificing on the other 3 C’s.

TIP #8

The 5th C = Cost. Whilst the 2 month salary rule is always mentioned, its all about what YOU are happy to spend. Decide which elements of buying a ring are the most important to you and which ones you’re happy to compromise on.

TIP #9

Marrying Mum: Do you already have a child? If so then you could look at making the engagement ring your child’s birthstone for something truly special that doesn’t break the bank.

TIP #10

Set & Match: Your perfect ring may already come as a package; however there is an increasing trend in people buying loose diamonds and designing them together post proposal.
If you want to present your other half with the finished product then it’s worth taking note of her current jewellery style.

TIP #11

You may take a friend/sister/mother along for some advice but remember this isn’t their ring. Go with your gut instinct and you shouldn’t go too far wrong, they may not like it but your partner will LOVE it!