Appreciating Engagement Rings

Many people appreciated their engagement ring, we know we do here at Head Office! but which celebrity pieces have appreciated the most in value?

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1: The Duchess of Cambridge (see the ring)

Originally bought in 1981 for Princess Diana.

14 solitaire diamonds surround a 12-carat oval Ceylon blue sapphire set in white gold. The blue is significant of royalty as well as trust and loyalty.

Value of ring at the time of [its first] engagement in 1981: £28,000.

Current value: £300,000


2: The Queen (see the ring)

Queen Elizabeth II’s ring was made from diamonds out of Price Phillip's mothers tiara, awww.

The least extravagant on the list of 10, a 3-carat diamond solitaire with 5 smaller diamonds on each side, all set in platinum.

Value at engagement in 1947: £10,000

Current value: £100,000


3: Jennifer Anniston (see the ring)

Her ring from Justin Theroux is an impressive 8 carats.

Value at engagement in 2012: £600,000

Current value: £825,000


4: Kim Kardasian (see the ring)

A 15 carat, emerald-cut ring that appears to be floating in mid air.

Value at engagement in 2013: £5m

Current value: £5.1m


5: Victoria & David Beckham (see the rings)

Always ahead of the trend, not only does Victoria have an engagement ring but David also has a man-gagement ring.

Victorias is a 3ct Marquise solitaire whilst David had a band set with 96 diamonds.

Value at engagement in 1998: £100,000 each

Current value: £230,000 each


6: Duchess of Cornwall (see the ring)

A 1930's art deco piece, a royal heirloom that belonged to Charles grandmother. This piece caused some controversy at the time of the engagement.

Value at engagement in 2004: £100,000

Current value: £250,000


7: Beyonce (see the ring)

Not only has its value doubled since accepting the proposal but Beyonce's Engagement ring is the most expensive ring in the list.

Value at engagement in 2007: £2.65m

Current value: £5.8m


8:Angelina Jolie (see the ring)

A bespoke ring which took a year to be designed by Brad Pitt in order to suit Angelina's slim hands.

Value at engagement in 2012: £600,000

Current value: £950,000


9: Kate Moss (see the ring)

Also custom made, her fiancee Jamie Hince tried to buy a ring that had belonged to the wife of Kate's beloved writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. However when this wasn't possible he found sketches and had a replica made.

Value at engagement in 2010: £48,000

Current value: £67,000


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10: Elton John (see the ring)

Elton & David have simple matching White Gold Diamond bands, engraved with each others names.

Value at engagement in 2005: £55,000

Current value: £75,000

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