Engagement ring 'selfies' go to new extremes...

Saying "Yes!" to that all important proposal is one of the most exciting times in a persons life, and most can't wait to show that special ring to their nearest & dearest.

Now with the rise of sharing through social media comes the 'engagement ring selfie' following the big proposal.

Following closely in its wake; the cosmetic 'hand lift', where injections of Juvéderm are injected into patients hands, to create a more youthful appearance. The process which last for 9 months is taking of in the United States, and has seen a rise of 40% in prospective client in line with the popularity of those all important ring shots for the world to see!

Would you have plastic surgery for the ideal 'ring selfie'?

For a pretty ring photo without the plastic surgery all you need to follow is these few simple tips:

  • Nothing beats Natural Light - take your photo outside and watch your diamond dazzle.
  • Nailed it! - Beautiful fingers mean beautiful nails, you don't have to splurge on a full manicure but chipped nail varnish is not where you want people to be looking. Keep nails beautifully nude or give them a fresh coat of colour.
  • It takes two - Yes you have the ring but it takes two to make a marriage. Try and involve your new fiance by including them in the picture somehow, so you can both share this big moment!
  • Family first - Its always best to keep some elements traditional, let your loved ones know before they find out from a friend of a friend via Facebook.

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