Love Rubies?

Then you may want to get in touch with Bonhams auctioneers today.

Said to be seven times larger than any previously discovered in the Longido Mine, Tanzania area this Ruby is the largest ever available at public auction.

Weighing in at 100lb, 228 carats this Ruby sits in green Zoisite, which is also valuable, the most prize Zoisite being the blue/purple Tanzanite.

Estimated to fetch AU$ 110,000 - 160,000

The 431 lots auction also includes various fossils and other gem highlights including; 

  • 27 'Red Gold' Rhodochrosites (US $200,000 - 250,000),
  • an exceptionally rare and large Demantoid Garnet (US $130,000-180,000);
  • a life-size Obsidian carving of a bald eagle (US $80,000-100,000) and
  • a multi-gemstone Gold and Drusy Onyx Necklace known as "The American Ingenuity Necklace," by Jeffrey E. Appling (US $60,000-80,000)

What would you do with a ruby that size?

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